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 Post subject: This is absurdic
PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:56 pm 
Axe Warrior

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Fallen warriors is a new unit that just came into the game
It takes 2 upkeep itself and cannot be upgraded through research lab
You get one for every 3 uk killed in battle in home city and
For every 5 uk killed in battle by another players

Thats a non-sense

This makes all 3 races (except undead's) a undead ones.
The undead race was special - its troops used to came back to fight with necromancy skill.
You just made 4 undead races then. With 40% necromancy.

First of all - you should not be supposed to resurrect your units as an elf, orc or a dwarf. They just cant do it as they are not necromancers. (im not saying about the fact that you can use crown of communion. Just saying that being both elf and a necromancer just doesnt match)
Second of all - we dont need this unit. This decreases lost upkeep by 40% and should not be in the game. Players who lost their army should rebuild. Its just a waste of time to kill fallen warriors off after any battle...

Either you should make the unit 0 upkeep and it should spawn ONLY if player has the necromancy skill on him


Leave the upkeep counter as it is and implement unit upgrades available in the research lab.
 Post subject: Re: This is absurdic
PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:41 pm 

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Hi Kint,
thank you for the message.

I believe the unit has been created mostly for the people, who are being constantly farmed and have no resources to build an army. This is a little help to recover the materials faster, after an attack from TOP Alliances.

As I have read your post, 2 Ideas popped in my head. 1. As you have already mentioned at the end of your post - implementing of unit upgrades. 2. And I am wondering, what is your opinion on that, that the units would spawn if you would lose more then 50% of your upkeep, only. For example, you have 80 000 upkeep, full of soldiers. You attack a fortress and lose 15k upkeep. You would not receive any Fallen warriors and you can rebuild your army. However in case someone attacks your city, you are defending with all 80 000 UK, and after the fight, you will have only 20 000 UK left, the Fallen warriors would rise. This way you do not have to wait, till your rebuild your units and you can start collecting resources for them, immediately.

What are your thoughts on that? I have scheduled a talk with our game designers on Monday so we have some time to talk about that :)
 Post subject: Re: This is absurdic
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:30 am 
Axe Warrior

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I believe that the introduction of the Fallen Warrior is both a benefit and a nuisance, I wonder how when say losing 30k in a fort fight this affects the necromancy or regeneration of skellies/acolytes which is applied first? But the advantage conferred on the undead needs to rectified with an individual artifact that applies to each race in the same way that the CoC only applies to Undead
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