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Restarting the Game World
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Author:  An Undercover Correspondent [ Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Restarting the Game World

RESTART OF THE WORLD (When the battles are over)

The last 3-days long of BOSS FIGHT event ends. What happens now in Emporea?

The following 24 hours:
  • Emporea Gods use several minutes after the final fight to calculate the results and rankings (you cannot play now)
  • after this short period, you can enter the world again, to see the results of the 14 weeks long struggle!
  • from now until the world restart, your player´s score and achievements are locked, you cannot influence them anymore - you also cannot leave or disband the alliance, attack another player, fortresses or forbidden temples
  • But! You can attack and spell camps and use the rest of the game mechanisms. Go wild!
  • You can chat with your teammates and other players: discuss the world´s greatest battles, boast with your war success, and maybe use the moment to plan your future strategies and decide the plan for the next world chapter.
  • For the last four hours, the world closes to regenerate.
  • On the 25th hour, the world rises again, brand new! (11 a.m., GMT)

World´s restart (25th hour after the final fight)

What will survive to the next world chapter?
  • your finished achievements and gems
  • your name
  • your player score will transfer into rubies, the special game currency usable in Emporea shop after the world restarts again.


  • After the world´s end, your player score will turn into rubies - the special currency usable in Emporea shop in any of the worlds you are currently playing
  • There is a maximum number of rubies you can save. But don´t worry, the limit is high enough: 400 000!
  • Rubies are common to all the realms - the same as gems.
  • IMPORTANT: You have to raise at least to the level 30, to get the rubies when the world ends. The same requirement as for the end-world medal.


  • the chests remain in the game, BUT you need to pick them up BEFORE the world restarts again, or it will get lost

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