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Chimera heads
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Author:  Patsy Rose [ Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Chimera heads

The Gates of the Underworld event, which we have just finished, is a rather frustrating event in the random nature of acquiring the 3 heads. If you are lucky you may get one in the Balconies, but the chance is only 20% (and with my luck was about 5%). So you search for triangle bits and forge them and then spend 3 at a time with a 33% chance of getting the ones you want. And end up spending 24 triangles and getting one chimera from them and a load of goat heads that you can't sell because the market is already saturated with them.

Would it be possible to change things slightly? We were talking in alliance chat that we would willingly pay 4 or even 5 triangles if we could choose which head we got. That way we might even have some triangles for the event artifacts, all of which are good but almost inaccessible if you are trying to follow the quests.

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